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Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program

Since 1968, MKSAP has helped physicians measure their individual knowledge in the broad specialty of internal medicine.

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Three ways to study smarter with MKSAP 17

MKSAP 17 Print

The authoritative Internal Medicine board-prep and self-learning print resource for residents and practicing physicians, with 11 concise subspecialty sections and 1200 associated MCQs.

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MKSAP 17 Digital

MKSAP 17’s print content delivered in a comprehensive Learning Management System, including quizzes, updated content, free Update questions, and apps for online/offline review.

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MKSAP 17 Complete

All 11 print books, MKSAP 17 Digital, Board Basics, Digital Flashcards (coming 1/2016) and the newest version of the visual diagnostic question module, Virtual Dx (coming 3/2016).

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Study Smarter with MKSAP 17

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    High-caliber educational content: Each new edition is newly written after careful needs assessment by over 100 board-certified experts in internal medicine, evaluated by a panel of 90 peer-reviewers, and edited by a team of expert in-house medical editors.

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    Helpful learning tools make learning more meaningful: MKSAP 17’s important High Value Care recommendations are available as a comprehensive list, key points throughout the text, or specially designated questions. Hospitalist-focused content is presented as specially designated text and questions. And MKSAP’s colorful images and tables supplement the overall learning experience.

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    MKSAP’s rigorous MCQs reinforce learning: MKSAP’s question writers follow the same strict question-writing principles employed by other major testing organizations. MKSAP questions, based on the content in the 11 text sections, undergo multiple stages of intensive review and revision followed by prepublication testing by more than 1500 physicians to ensure accuracy and appropriate difficulty level.

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    Meeting learning needs while offering CME and MOC:While using MKSAP as a clinical reference, self-assessment tool, and board-prep resource, physicians can also earn same-day CME credit and MOC points, simply and without hassle.

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